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In the internet Business, the most competitive place is the SEO. SEO Tools and software’s are ever-growing since the evolution of SEO. Google The pioneer in Search Engines, Brought in a revolution in Search engine optimization. Since Google became the very best search engine, the online market has seen a flourishing marketplace for search engine optimization and people specializing in various regions of Search engine optimization.

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This also caused a lot of SEO tools and SEO software’s into the industry to make the time-consuming tasks easier, track rankings and do a good deal of various jobs. Some of these applications comprise, Internet CEO, SEO Elite, IBP (Internet Business Promoter), etc.. TheĀ orange county seo purpose of this document is to see which applications are just right for you. The tools besides these software’s comprise the Sitemap submission tool for both Google and Search engine submitters which are literally useless nowadays.

Before we go further, what would be the most essential things we need as a search engine optimizer?

  • Link Building
  • Position monitoring
  • Contest Evaluation
  • Indexing report
    It takes weeks and weeks to get incoming links to your website. It’s essential to have applications which can tell you in which you can get links to your website and if possible, submit your URL to that site

Position Tracking is the most important undertaking to know where you are rated for a search engine. Personally as an Optimizer for more than 300 websites on various keywords for each website, I can’t manage to search 1000’s of keywords and monitor them for every website. I would be left out with no time in any way. I utilize the SEO elite, good applications which can give me a decent tracking report for several keywords on various websites. I just need to analyze the Ups and downs and report the exact same to my clients. This Automated piece of feature saves me hours and keeps my clients happy as they get to see a weekly record of advancement. This is one of those basics for any SEO Tool

Competition analysis is a great feature. Do you know what your Competitor is performing better than you to get the number one place? If you knew it’d you beat him? Analyze your competitor and beat him in his own game.

When I am asked how many pages are crawled by every search engine and when I needed to take a look previously. Not anymore. Now I use the tools alongside the position monitoring feature to provide a solid report to my clients.


Follow the blogging blog Before you buy some SEO Tool make sure the fundamental features exist.

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